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In that sparsely populated village, a farmer’s daughter and a dairyman’s son study together in school. As she comes of age as a teenage girl, the two become close. This is condemned by the family of the farmer. The girl’s mother assaults the boy of the milk house with a servant telling him not to have sex with her daughter. Humiliated, the milkman calls his son and leaves the town. After some years a friend comes to the village to meet her friend. A farm girl friend is shocked to find her unmarried. A farm girl tells her love story to her friend. Doshi pacifies her and takes her home. A shock awaits the farmer’s daughter at the destination. She gets shocked when she finds out that her friend’s husband is her lover. This detail comes to the knowledge of the friend at some point. The next decision they make turns out to be an unexpected one.

Recently, there have been films about drug trafficking, cutting and stabbing. Images of field, village and family have become rare, and thus the transaction has developed into a story based on the village.

Mohit and Smega played the role of school sweethearts. The love of this couple that does not cross boundaries is enjoyable. Mohit, who goes to see his girlfriend and gets beaten up by the farm men, is pitied. The decision of the farmer’s daughter to remain unmarried until the end, determined to marry Mohit even when her family opposes it, shows the determination of village love.

Sujith, Swathi and Rajeshwari, who come as grown-up couples, meet in person, and Sujith’s heartbreak on seeing his old girlfriend and talking to him adds momentum. Climax Sujith’s wife Swati’s decision is a shock.

The climax and the verse recall those 7 days of Bhagyaraj. But this film cannot be compared to that film.

Written, produced and directed by S. Manibharathi, the story is directed without confusion, but the absence of familiar faces in the film reduces the weight of the scene. The 7-day picture of Climax is clearly Climax Sin Ulda, but whether or not this is acceptable is debatable.

Village Manam in Rishant Arvin’s music could have been more sleepy

K. Goku’s cinematography is clear.

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