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Pagalariyaan is directed by Murugan and music by Vivek Saro, starring Vetri, Akshay Kandamudhan, Chaplin Balu, Sai Deena, Vinu Priya and others. Vetri, the hero, who has been sentenced to prison after murdering his father, and Akshaya Kandamudhan, the heroine, fall in love. Akshaya’s father refuses to give him a girl as Vetri has served a prison term. But Akshaya, unable to live without Victory, decides to leave home and marry Victory. Accordingly, he leaves home without his father’s knowledge and travels triumphantly. On the other hand, the rowdy Murugan wanders in search of his younger sister, who has left home, and his enemies try to take revenge by abducting his younger sister. While Murugan is looking for his younger sister while fighting the enemies, on the other side he is trying to get money from a man who runs a sex business using successful women and gives sleeping pills to Akshaya to make him unconscious. What did Akshaya do when he was shocked to know Vetri’s act?, What made Vetri do this? Did Murugan, who was searching for his younger sister in danger, find him and save him? The answers to these questions are told with many twists and turns.

Vetri, who is playing the lead role, has acted tight as usual, and there is an allegation in this film as well. The reason for this is not him, but the character he gets. Although Vetri is a hero, is he good or bad? His character has traveled tightly according to the director’s thinking that the fans should watch the film with the question. That’s why Vetri has acted tight. So, there is no detracting from the success of the actor who gave a performance that suited the character.
Another hero, Murugan, who plays the role of Silent throughout the film without speaking a dialogue, has acted so tightly that the hero challenges success. The actor, who has acted in accordance with the character of the first film, leaves the audience in awe with his sisterly sentiments in the climax scene. Akshaya Kandamudhan, who plays the heroine, has done her job flawlessly. Vinu Priya, who is playing another female lead, has taken a twist in the script. Chaplin Balu, who used to act in comedy roles, has acted in an action role. But his body is shaking more. Dina’s character as a police officer is also unrelated to the script, but has helped save the audience from the tension of the scenes. The entire film takes place at night. However, the camera of cinematographer Abilash has rotated in such a way that the fans do not get that feeling.
Vivek Saro’s music, the songs and the background music have carried the film strongly.
Murugan, who plays another hero in the film, has written and directed the story. His attempt to deliver an interesting suspense thriller genre film on a low budget has succeeded. The story takes place in a night, how to tell it interestingly, director Murugan has done it perfectly. On one hand, success, Akshaya’s journey, on the other, Murugan’s journey to find his younger sister, director Murugan’s tactics to make them meet in a straight line with many twists and turns are predictable at some places, but at many places there are unexpected twists and turns, leaving the fans for two hours, what will happen next? Makes you watch the film with anticipation.

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