Paayum Oli Nee Yenakku


Vikram Prabhu lost his parents in an accident while traveling in a car with his parents as a child and became visually impaired. Chitappa Anand takes him and brings him up with courage. Even though his ability to see in low light has decreased, Vikram Prabhu lives without considering it as a disadvantage. Anand is killed in this situation. He engages in detective work to find the reason behind his stepfather’s murder. Due to this, the raiders try to kill him too. Who are they? Climax gives a quick answer to why they are trying to kill.

This film is an opportunity for Vikram Prabhu to show action. Only the fight scenes were shot for the film in about 40 days. As Vikram Prabhu has to act as if he is facing the Rowdys as he is visually impaired, Vikram Prabhu has given work not only to action but also to his mind when he listens to the approaching sound and hits the Rowdys.

Vikram Prabhu, who shows speed in the chase scene and runs up the floors while chasing the rowdy, is also amazing in the climactic mirror fight scene. If you look at the villain in the film, you have to say Dali Dhananjaya. Vikram Prabhu and Dhananjaya clash in the climactic fight scene.

Karthik Aathivith, who worked as an assistant director to director SS Rajamouli, has handled the action film entirely. The action is okay but the minus is that there is not enough space for sentimental comedy.
Sridhar’s cinematography brings the scene to life. Sagar music gathers momentum.