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A man is mysteriously killed while searching for treasure in a dense forest in the Senchi region of Tamil Nadu. This is how the film begins.

Even the forensic department could not find the weapon that killed him. In this case, an official from the Excavation Department, Shadows Ravi, sends a student team under the leadership of Excavator Bose Venkat to excavate the place.

The people of the town had avoided walking in the area at night and the people did not want the diggers to come when one person had been murdered. A local youth is also killed during the excavation.

Following these murders, Sub Inspector Suresh Ravi is appointed to investigate the murders. Meanwhile, one of the excavating students is also killed by a similar unidentified weapon at the site, and Suresh Ravi, who comes at night to investigate the matter, is also attacked.

On the other side, the heroine Asha Venkatesh, who is an excavation student, and Suresh Ravi are having an understanding.

Director GV Perumal Varathan answers in the climax whether all the mysteries happening there have been solved, or whether they all happened due to supernatural forces.

Suresh Ravi, who plays the role of a cop, fits the role as perfectly as the uniform he wears. he seems to have good practice in action as well. He can try to act a little more instead of showing the same expression.

Asha Venkatesh, the heroine, is the same way – without making any big effort to act, she ends up acting within a few emotions.

Bose Venkat comes as the second lead throughout the film and the twists and turns in between makes us think that he will never be able to get into a good character.

We are shocked when we finally know who the villain is.
Shadows Ravi and Gajaraj do justice to the character with their experienced performances.
Meesai Rajender, Aadukalam Murugadoss, Ambani Shankar all have small roles.
Music by Gerard Felix and cinematography by RV Senda Muthu do what they can for this budget film.

Kudos to director Muni Krishnan for beautifully designing the temple.

The story of Nandivarman, who ruled the land during the Pallavar period, is best told in flashback animation.

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