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In Kollimalai, there are no doctors from the primary health center in the village where the hill people live. Due to this, people die without adequate treatment if they are physically injured. Mari’s (Darshan) younger sister suddenly hangs herself. He could not be saved as he was rushed to the town hospital too late. Struggling with this, they call a doctor (Mahima). The female doctor who comes there says that she will leave within a week and the people of the town intend to keep her in the town. Thus everyone is doing as he likes. They do whatever he asks. The village leader’s idea that if he falls in love with him and marries him, he will stay in this town is in vain. In this case, her family is looking for a foreign groom. The climax gives a realistic answer to what happens at the end. we Cant remember any film coming out recently with such a public interest emphasis. At the very beginning of the film, the cameraman shows the beauty and majesty of the Kolli Hills and while the director Saravanan shows the suffering of the hill villagers with realism without any superficiality.

It is a bit amazing to see Darshan of ‘Bigg Boss’ fame, who is playing the hero of the story, in such a role. Moreover, the fact that he played the role perfectly is awe-inspiring. He acts quietly in many places and leaves the audience mesmerized in the crying scenes.

RS Sivaji, who plays Darshan’s father, has once again proved that he has all the makings of a great character actor.

Singam Puli, who plays the role of the town leader, makes people laugh at some places with his usual comedy, but due to the blocking of the screenplay, he has played a subdued role in many places and has crawled as a suitable character for the story.

Inpa Ravikumar, who plays a coffee day employee, grabs attention with her acting and comedy. All the actors in the film like Aruldas who plays the role of the district collector and the actors who play minor roles have been used for the script flow.

All the songs in C. Sathya music are listenable. The songs reflect the sorrows and celebrations of the hill people. The background music also goes along with the storyline and brings life to the scenes. Although he has talked about social problems, he has told it as it is without criticizing anyone and without attacking a particular party, and in a way that makes the listeners and concerned people think, the director M. Saravanan, who has designed the life of a race and their tragedies into scenes very elegantly, not just telling it as a sad story but telling it in a populist manner and making people laugh. He keeps us thinking.

All in all, this film ‘Nadu’, which tells the expectations of the common people in a simple way, is a must watch film not only for cinema fans but also for every doctor.
The film Nadu is becoming a perfect example that there should be a meaning in making and directing a film.

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