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Meippada Sei

The crux of the film is a response to a rapist.

Four young men from the village who wander around irresponsibly, one of them is in love and the girl is studying in college. As a result, the parents say that you will leave somehow, the boy’s father will leave this village and come back after a few days. Accordingly, they also leave the village and come to Chennai. Here they are taking house rent in the house of famous rowdy Ivan. They see that a dead body of a woman is buried in that house and when they tell this to the police, the police spy always tells it to Gaja, so the Gaja men try to kill them. The decision is whether they can escape from them and what they do to the person who raped and killed them.

OAK is the face that everyone drinks new faces. Sundar Super Good Subramani Bailwan Ranganathan are faces known to very few. Even though they are new faces, the director knows the intention and has acted

Director Velan should be commended for the story of social thought in the very first film.

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