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Mark Antony

The film directed by Adhik Ravichandran Mark Antony features Suriya, Kingsley, Sunil, Selvaraghavan, Abhinaya, Ritu Varma and many others.

The story of this film is that the son of the greatest Don who killed his wife should correct him or not kill him or an innocent son corrects the bully Don or not.

Director Aadhik is a film to be praised for. Great plot, excellent screenplay, excellent actors, army of music. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he has regained everything he lost in Tamil cinema with this film. I have to say that the director has handled the story of this film very well. If the story is like walking on a knife edge, if the story is a bit serious, it will turn into a comedy.

Vishal is the hero of the film and SJ Suriya are the ones who captivate the audience throughout the film. Especially his dialogues shake the screen. Vishal should be praised for playing such a role.

What an actress SJ Surya is. He has just splashed out. He has threatened with villainy mixed with humor. SJ Suriya who acts as a son despite acting as a father is amazing. .

There is an explosion in the theater where Silk Smitha arrives. The first half an hour goes patiently. The interlude scene was predictable but good. Unlike his previous films, Adhik Ravichandran has prepared a wonderful entertaining story and given it as a good film. The film is to be celebrated in theaters without logic. Vishal has done the job well given to him as a father. Even though his performance as a son is a bit overdone, he has played a good role as a father.

Everyone who acted in the film has acted very well especially Sunil who is a gift to Tamil cinema and also Ritu Varma has given a very good performance.Kingsley Ravi YG .Mahendran Abhinaya have all given a very good performance.

If we say that the strength of the film is the camera editing,the fight scenes, the greatest strength of the film is GV Prakashkumar’s music and the songs Also, it is very nice to give music according to the times

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