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Maestro Ilaiyaraaja in Taste of Cinema Website

Article about Illayaraja

Proud NEWS for all Indians.

“Taste of Cinema”, a standard and popular website which gives information

about World Cinema, especially the developers Short List and Chart the Top

Shots in World Cinema in Various Category and Numbers.

Eg Top 10 Directors, Top 20 Cinematographers,Top 21 Movies etc.

Recently the website has posted a article about TOP 25 Musician in the World.

No Wonder Our Maestro Illayaraja is in the 9th

Below is the Link

No Musician Name Country

1 Ennio Morricone ITALY

2 Max Steiner USA

3 John Williams USA

4 Bernard Herrmann USA

5 Nino Rota ITALY

6 Tōru Takemitsu JAPAN

7 Michel Legrand FRANCE

8 Alan Menken USA

9 Ilayaraja INDIA

10 Jerry Goldsmith USA

11 Maurice Jarre FRANCE

12 John Barry USA

13 Hans Zimmer GERMANY

14 Joe Hisaishi JAPAN

15 James Horner USA

16 Georges Delerue USA

17 Dimitri Tiomkin UK

18 Elmer Bernstein USA

19 Howard Shore CANADA

20 Thomas Newman USA

21 Danny Elfman USA

22 Philip Glass USA

23 James Newton-Howard USA

24 Vangelis GREECE

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