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Maveeran produced by Shanti Talkies Arun Vishwa
In this film, Sivakarthikeyan is the heroine, Aditi is the villain in the film, director Mishkin is the villain, Saritha is acting in this film after a long gap, Monisha Yogi Babu Aruvi Madan of Cook with Komali fame, Telugu actor Sunil and others are also acting in this film along with Vijay Sethupathi’s voice. Maveeran is a film directed by Ashwin Maddon with music by Bharat Shankar.

Sivakarthikeyan lives with his mother and younger sister in a slum area in Chennai. He draws a picture for a story called Maveeran that appears daily in the newspaper. But he does not work there and writes to someone else. A person who does not have the courage to resist anything and wants to live by making adjustments. People move everyone into apartments saying that one day their house will be demolished. But it is revealed that the residence was built in a substandard manner due to the corruption committed by the local minister Myshkin. But Sivakarthikeyan says that he has his work without asking against it. Aditi Shankar Sivakarthikeyan, who works in a newspaper, sees Sivakarthikeyan’s talent and gets him a job writing the story of Maveeran. One day the Sivakarthikeyan family gets into trouble due to the minister’s men. Sivakarthikeyan, a coward, was abused by his mother, so he decided to commit suicide by jumping from the floor. Then he hears a voice. As it says, he opposes the minister and thus the minister rushes to kill Sivakarthikeyan. What eventually happened to Sivakarthikeyan? What is the reason for hearing voices? Did the coward become the hero? That is the story of Maveeran.

Madon Ashwin has shown that he is an excellent screenwriter in this film as well. The first half is beautifully moved as a comedy. He has combined the beautiful fantasy element in the story of the common man against the politicians and given a wonderful film. Hats off to the director who realized what was Capable to Sivakarthikeyan. Sivakarthikeyan has done a great job as a coward who is self-centered and a hero who fights for the people after changing his mind.Vijay Sethupathi has done it with an amazing voice. Sivakarthikeyan’s voice heard from above and the scenes that happened accordingly caused laughter in the theatres. Yogi Babu makes people laugh after a long hiatus. The scene where he writes his name as Kumar and puts a line above it to show that he is an Indian. Both Saritha and Monisha who plays the younger sister have helped the flow of the story. Aditi Shankar has helped as much as she can. The absence of unnecessary scenes is comforting. Sunil is a new character. Sunil’s character shows that none of the current politicians have any sense of self, which he has done brilliantly. Myshkin is amazing as a corrupt politician. Although he did not come up much in the first half, he threatened in the second half.

Bharat Shankar’s music and songs are good. Well done in background music. Aruvi Madan and Dileepan are acting well. It can be said that the director who made the first half a comedy has stumbled a bit in the second half. Repeated voices, hero falling for the villain, and the climax scene are a bit tiring. The film is a bit too long. But the director’s screenplay forgets all this. He has again given victory to Sivakarthikeyan by giving it as an action film mixed with fantasy.

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