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Both Bharat and Vanibhojan meet separately to talk about getting married. He openly tells Vani about his loss in the prostitution business. Meanwhile, Vani’s father calls her and tells her not to agree to marry Bharat. But Vani agrees to the marriage. But life did not go smoothly for both of them. They fight all the time. He dies after throwing Vani away in anger. Bharath struggles to hide the dead body. Then two friends come home. The film confusingly explains what happens next.

After the film starts, four scenes and one song ends, the murder case begins. Bharath drags VaniBhojan over and slams her against the wall, kill her. Then friend Vivek Prasanna comes home. The discussions between them are a little lively and a little fierce.

The director gives the answer in the climax to make the audience confused as to whether Bharat, who has killed his wife and kept him inside the house, is speaking normally to Vivek who comes home. The character of Danny Pope picking up a girl to come to Bharat’s house and cheating on his wife is boring. The twist at the climax overturns all the scenes seen up to that point. But could not digest.

It is doubtful whether Bharath’s 50th film will be the film that will make him famous. The only thing left is for Vani and Bharath to attack each other..

Radharavi and Suvayam Siddha appear in the same scene. Produced by: R B. Pala, Kausalya Pala. Love song by Ronnie Ruff Bale is sweet but. In the action scenes in the background music, he played very subdued and failed to build up.

PG Muthiah has done brilliant cinematography. He has shot the entire story around the same house.

R. When B. Bala breaks the climax suspense, all the scenes seen for hours are mind-boiling.

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