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Lal Salaam

Hindus and Muslims live like brothers in Moorarbad town in Cuddalore region. The political parties who think that the votes of the Muslims in the area are not getting them, somehow engage in serious conspiracies to get the votes of the area to come to their party. The festival is celebrated in Moorarbad by bringing a chariot from the neighboring town. Vivek Prasanna drags the chariot to his village saying, “You must not use your village chariot again” at the time of the festival.

When Thambi Ramaiah knocks on it, he challenges, “If possible, hold the festival with your chariot.” Meanwhile, in a cricket match in Moorarbad, Hindu youths on one side and Muslim youths on the other side play cricket in separate teams. In this Vivek Prasanna enters again and creates a dispute and spreads Hindu-Muslim riots in the town. Moideen Bhai’s (Rajinikanth) son Samsuddin (Vikrant) gets his hand cut off. It is blamed on Thiru (Vishnu Vishal) who did it. This turns into a huge feud. Samsuddin is angry that he wants to avenge the man who cut his hand. He asks his father to do it. Did Moideen listen to his son? Did his son take the life of the man whose hand he chopped off? Did you put an end to the religious riots in the town? Climax answers various important questions with religious harmony inspiration.

Even though Rajinikanth, who is playing the role of Moideen Bhai, is in a guest role, it is the Talent of director Aishwarya Rajinikanth to edit his scenes from the beginning to the climax of the film. It is doubtful whether anyone other than him would have accepted the Hindu-Muslim point of view. Every line spoken by Rajinikanth’s character comes to life and stands up to make a huge impact on the society. A fraternal anger emerges when Moideen Bhai Rajinikanth arrives when the Muslims of the area protest against Jeevitha’s husband’s family performing rituals there: “Those who tolerate the rituals are done according to their rules and those who don’t can leave the place.” Similarly, in the climax scene, Rajinikanth arranges to bring the chariot used by the Muslims for the Chandanakudu festival to the town to celebrate the chariot festival of the Hindus and carries the statue of Amman on his shoulder. What Rajinikanth has said is a scene of whipping the religious crowd who come to harvest votes by creating cultists. Aishwarya Rajinikanth directing this scene so boldly shows her social thinking, for which Aishwarya Rajini can be given a big round of applause..

When Vikrant and Vishnu Vishal get caught in the Hindu-Muslim riots in Mumbai and there is a tense situation as to who will save them, the iron chain that flies from somewhere beats the rioters and shouts ‘Here comes the Superstar’ and the whistle flies loudly in the arena. Vishnu Vishal plays the role of Mr. Aggressively and is also a cricketer. Similarly Vikrant comes in some scenes at first but disappears in between and thinks that his story has been completed but he comes back to life and makes it emotional and takes a place in my mind. After a long time, Jeevita comes in as Vishnu Vishal’s mother in the film and raises eyebrows that she can even act like this. He has set the tone to look for opportunities for many films again.

Vivek Prasanna, who has been coming and going as a comedian, is a villain in this one.
K S. Ravikumar, brother Ramaiah Senthil, Thanga Durai and others did not go to Soda.

Lyca Production Subhashkaran has produced the film. Lyca Productions Chief Production Executive GKM Tamil Kumaran has handled the production management responsibilities.

Music sensation AR Raghuman has completely changed his style and has shown a different evolution as a village festival song, a love song, the scenes are grandiose on screen and the background music is menacing.

Vishnu Rangaswamy has written the story and has done the cinematography effectively.
Aishwarya Rajinikanth has proved that she can direct such a heavy story without a plot.

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