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Arvind (Vidaarth) is a top police officer. His wife (Swetha) suffers from a strange affliction. He faints if he hears dark or shocking information. Arvind is giving medical treatment to overcome his fear. Likewise, young couple Nakul (Vipin) and Manju (Sahana) are living happily on the other side. Manju is pregnant. In this situation, a mysterious person in the city keeps a weapon in his hand and beats up whoever he sees in front of him. This makes police officer Arvind serious about catching the mysterious person. In this protest, many policemen were beaten by the mysterious person and admitted to the hospital. Who is Psycho Mystery? The film gives a thrilling answer to the suspenseful questions of whether he is affecting Arvind’s family. As far as the story is concerned, it is shaping up to be a suspense thriller.
Even though Vidaarth comes as a police officer, he does not turn into a movie cop, but keeps a realistic body language and avoids heroism.
Many heroes have set their flag in this role. But Vidaarth missed this rare opportunity.

As a police officer, he shows a lot of humanity by being gentle with fellow officers without making a big fuss, and occasionally getting upset over his wife’s health. It doesn’t lend much to the character.
Vidharth’s role as a police officer seems dull without any saltiness or warmth to the fans who are used to seeing the usual movie police. Swathi, who is Vidharth’s wife, comes in a wrinkle-free dress and does only the work of getting up, falling down, and walking.
Sahana acts as a threat and causes a stir. In some scenes, Chandramukhi keeps Jyotika in front of us. None of the other supporting characters are taken seriously.Perhaps the directors have decided that a crime suspense thriller should not leave room for comedy, and there is a dearth of comedy in this film as well. This is a disappointment for the minus fans of the film.
Sri Vishnu has produced the film. Shaji Salim has directed the film with the idea of ​​​​suspense thriller action and sentiment mixed together to make it amazing. It’s boring to drag the story along so that the suspense doesn’t come out. At one point he gives some comfort while opening the suspense. Cinematographer Gnanasounder is bogged down in car chase scenes, saying that the car chase is happening at 100 kmph and shooting it at a snail’s pace slows down the action. If the stunt director had paid more attention to this scene he could have set up many thrilling scenes.

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