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Vijay Sivan works as a bank ATM refiller. A confusion occurs in this routine work. Instead of keeping 100 rupee notes, he keeps 500 rupee notes. Millions of money are being stolen. Due to this, Vijay Sivan’s job will also be lost. In the meantime, he gets addicted to cold drinks. Did he recover the stolen money? Climax answers whether the lost job is regained.

A citizen who becomes intoxicated after drinking alcohol, a citizen who becomes intoxicated after drinking cool drinks. Vijay Sivan is that citizen. Being a father of two, he shines in his realistic performance. He is struggling to answer the questions asked by his wife Chandni at home and is having fun teasing his alcoholic father Suresh Chakraborty, but the sudden loss of money in his life turns the story upside down.It is wonderful that director Vijay Sivan has turned into laughter scenes by personally meeting each person who took money from the ATM to their account and asking them to return the money. That too, after the entry of Kudikara Sangh leader Namo Narayanan, non-stop comedies ensue.

Vijay Sivan goes to a wedding party conducted by an event manager who chases him away saying he can’t pay, Namo Narayanan group mixes Dierriea pills in cold drinks and makes the wedding party run away, buys good punches from an 8-foot tall rowdy, and the mid-road confrontation to collect money from the delivery boy, laughs and stomach aches. .

Additional comedy scenes include Suresh Chakraborty correcting the senior nurse.Sethuraman, Kathiravan and Honest Raj also starred.Produced by S.Sivakumar. Music by Dhanuj Menon
Meiyendran’s cinematography is normal

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