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Famous singer Laila (Meenakshi Chowdhury), who won the title of best voice, is killed suddenly. Kill mysteriously. Ritika Singh is assigned the responsibility of investigating Patta Laila’s case. He seeks retired officer Vinayak (Vijay Antony) to help him in the investigation, who at first refuses but later agrees. Confusion as to who killed Laila continues till the end. In the end, how Vinayak finds out who the murderer is is answered in the plot. Director Balaji Kumar has presented a story about a murder among murderers in an aesthetically pleasing way.For a murder movie, the story is a little suspense to find out who the murderer is. But the way director Balaji K Kumar has taken the mystery to the climax keeps everyone on the edge of their seats until the final scene.From the salt and pepper look to Ajith’s favorite Vinayak, this is the ultimate avatar for Vijay Antony. The fact that the salt and pepper look suits Vijay Antony is also a plus point.

The manager, the lover, the mood. The victim boy, Laila’s cousin, the security can’t figure out which one of them is the killer. It goes on and on.

Although Vijay Antony is supporting the entire story, Ritika Singh scores with her performance in all the available scenes. His masculine style adds strength to his role as a police officer. Meenakshi Chowdhury who comes as Laila fits the role perfectly. Her character is the focal point of the story. She carries the hearts of the youth with his beauty.

His smile and acting are also very impressive.

Siddharth Shankar, who plays Meenakshi’s lover, looks like a Hollywood actor.
And while Murali Sharma, Arjun Chidambaram, John Vijay are all good choices for the role, John Vijay’s artificial performance is boring. It is not known whether he is a policeman or aRougue. The question also arises as to why Radhika, the wonderful actress who ‘appeared’ in a couple of scenes.

From the moment the movie starts, the visuals and the background music and the sound system make us feel like we are watching a Tamil movie.The background music by Girish Gopalakrishnan is a big plus as he creates excitement with the music according to the pace of the scene without us even knowing it.

Cinematographer Sivakumar Vijayan captures every frame with supernatural beauty like framed treasure pictures. What is set, what is real and what is computer graphics is impossible to distinguish in this film.

RK Selva’s work is neat and clear, and the editing is clear without confusing the story even if there is a little escape.There is no doubt that if Balaji Kumar, who has challenged English films in terms of style and logic, had used the same style of screenplay and logic, ‘Kolai’ would have become a celebrated film.However, we can appreciate all the technicians who have worked ‘giving their lives’…

Killing – The feeling of watching a Hollywood movie in Tamil.

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