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King Of Kotha

The story takes place in a town called Kotha in the state of Kerala. Sabir, who is the DADA of that town, has kept the town under his control. Prasanna comes as circle inspector. Prasanna negotiates with Sabir to get rid of Rowdyisam in the town. But when that doesn’t work, he brings in Dulkar, who was a rowdy there ten years ago and has now left the town. Dulquer is Sabir’s friend. Dulkar and Sabir come to town and have a conflict. What happens in the end is the story of the film. Directed by Abhilash Joshi, the film has been developed as an innovative Malayalam film. The film, which has been shot as an action film, has recently become a rowdy film that has been taking over pan India. Dulquer Salmaan entertains with his assaultive performance. Despite acting as a rowdy, he has a little green child peeking through his face. He has acted well in action scenes. Love, friendship, betrayal, all the feelings are well expressed.

Sabir, who played Dancing Rose in Charbatta Paramparai, plays the villain in the film. Super acted. From now on, there will be opportunities to act as a villain in Tamil films. Although he comes as a friend and turns traitor, he has shown the feelings between friendship and betrayal very well.

Aishwarya Lakshmi does not have much work. Prasanna has done her job well. Shammi Thilagan, who plays Dulquer’s father, and Anika, who plays his younger sister, are excellent. Jakes Bjoy’s background score lifts the image of the film. It would have been better if the screenplay had a little more menace. There are many scenes of violence. A lot of brutal murders could have been reduced.

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