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The 70-year-old hero of the story, Kathiresakumar, works as a security guard in a private company. While returning home on his bicycle after work, a car comes on his way. Kathiresakumar goes to the car where there are five men with a pregnant woman. Kathiresakumar, who did not pay attention to the car driver’s constant honking, stopped the car at one point and asked him to get down and give way to the car. Even then Katirasesa Kumar stopped the car without giving way and the people in the car got angry and beat him up. Even after being hit, Kathiresa Kumar did not give way to the car, blocked the car and sat there, why did he do that? That is the rest of the story of the film ‘Kezhappaya’.

Kathiresa Kumar, who plays the hero of the story, fits the character perfectly and has acted in an attention-grabbing manner. Moreover, even though initially the things he does without giving way to the car make him angry, but after knowing why he does that, he feels compassion for him. Every movement of Kathiresa Kumar, who travels without speaking throughout the film, adds tremendous strength to the screenplay.
The acting of the car passengers is very natural. Especially when going in a hurry, if there is an obstacle, how they will face it, they have shown it very well in the performance.

Cinematographer Ajith Kumar, who has portrayed the simple story very naturally, has shot the scenes to convey the feelings of the characters to the audience, which is the biggest strength of the film.

Music composer Kebi’s background music has traveled along with the story. In most places, silence is kept away from music, which adds to the enjoyment of the scenes. Written and directed by Yazh Gunasekaran, he has given a very natural film with an elderly character. The first half of the film is interestingly moving and why does the old man stop the car? The question makes fans watch the film with anticipation. At the same time, the excitement of the first half diminishes slightly in the second half, which makes the film sloppy. However, the acting of the protagonist and the passengers in the car hides that shortcoming and makes us connect with the film.

You can freely watch this film for the interesting screenplay created by directer Yazh Gunasekaran based on an ordinary incident.

Kezhapaya is a film directed by Yazh Gunasekaran with music by KP and starring Kathiresa Kumar, Krishna Kumar, Vijaya Rajendran, KN Rajas, Bakery Murugan, Anathiya, Uriyadi Anandaraj and others.

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