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Actor Ganesh who has acted in many films, has taken the avatar of a director through the film Kattil. In his first film, he made the audience think with a quality plot and gave an emotional film.

Directed by director and actor EV Ganesh Babu, ‘Kattil’ is a film starring Srishti Dange, Indra Selander Rajan, Geetha Kailasam and others. Srikanth Deva has composed the music for the film. Ravi Sankaran has done the cinematography. Ganesh Babu’s family has been living in a very grand palace-like house for generations.

The siblings,Sister has settled elsewhere, lives in the house with his mother Geetha Kailasam, wife Srishti Dange and 5-year-old boy. Srishti Tange is pregnant. The co-borns are trying to sell the house for crores. The occupants refuse and sell the house with no other choice.

In this case, there is a very old big Cot in the house. Ganesh Babu holds the sentiment that Kattil is the reason for the birth of the generation. Ganesh Babu’s son is also very fond of that bed. In this case, Ganesh Babu, who has vacated the house, is looking for a suitable house to put the Cot.

With no other option, Ganesh Babu temporarily leaves the Cot in one place and settles in a rented house with his family. Ultimately, the bond between that Cot and Ganesh Babu continued.? What happened in his life.??? That is the rest of the story of the film.

Being a director, Ganesh Babu has acted in a very managed manner. As he has acted in the scenes showing three generations, the scenes can be seen alive. It must be said that the heroine Srishti Dange has given a very good performance for the first time especially as a pregnant woman as she throbs with pain.

Geetha Kailasam, acted very realistically and was amazing. Even though it is emotionally acted, here and there some scenes seem to crawl slowly which gives us a bit of temptation. The background music moves quietly along with the film. Cinematography is strong for the film.

Could have registered the attraction to the Cot a bit more forcefully. Srishti Tange’s scenes in the second half are mind-blowing.

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