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Kannai Nambathe

Arun (Udhayanidhi), who works in an IT office, falls in love with Divya (Aatmika), the daughter of the housekeeper he lives in on rent. Divya’s father kicks Aruna out of house when he comes to know about it. Arun stays at the house where Somu (Prasanna) is staying. In this situation, Arun helps a woman who is suffering from depression because she is unable to drive a car. Suddenly the girl dies. Both Arun and Somu plan to hide the matter from the police. How did the girl die? Climax answers whether Arun recovers from this problem with unexpected twists.

Kannai Nambathe is a thrilling suspense murder style story where you can’t figure out who the murderer is until the end.

A role that Udhayanidhi has not yet accepted. Without overacting, he is as angry as he wants to be, as nervous as he wants to be, and has acted very beautifully.Udhayanidhi and Prasanna’s efforts to hide Bhumika’s body and make it look like an accident to forget about the dead body of the accident give the film an edge.

Both Prasanna and Srikanth have acted in action roles after a long time. Bhumika and Vasundra get an unexpected surprise,Sendraayan becomes the trump card. Marimuthu has been used for twist.Even if the scenes of the film are opened more than this, no one can guess Climax.

Car chasing and undercurrent action are all Hollywood quality. V. N. Produced by Ranjith Kumar. Sidhukumar’s music doubles the thrill.

Cinematographer Jalandhar Vasan has worked hard.

Every twist of the story testifies to how much M. Maran must have thought for such a thriller suspense story,

Kannai Nambathe – a super thrill experience

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