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It is no exaggeration to say that Kalvan is the most awaited film by fans. The reason is because of the trailer posters of the film and the anticipation of GV Prakash, and the sentiment of Tamil cinema is different. Well, let’s see if this film fulfills the expectations of the fans

Kalvan is a film directed by PV Shankar starring GV Prakashkumar, Bharathiraja, Ivana, Deena and others.The director has set the story in Sathyamangalam hills. Both GV Prakash and Deena are friends. They are living in that village by doing petty theft work. GV Prakash falls in love with Ivana, a girl from the neighboring village. But Ivana hates GV Prakash .In this case, GV Prakash, who goes to work in a nursing home, meets Bharathiraja there. GV Prakash adopts an orphan Bharathiraja.Taking Bharathiraja to his home, GV Prakash hatches a grand scheme. Did his plan succeed? Did he hold Ivana’s hand in love? Who is in the film Bharathiraja.??? The director has given the answer very interestingly.

The hero, GV Prakash, is perfecting himself. Rather than saying that he has played the role of a gangster in the story, it should be said that he has lived it. GV, who is usually a bit of a douchebag, has a quiet face in this film, and has lived the character of a campan throughout the film. Especially in the climax scene, GV Prakash’s Menakedal looks good.
Ivana has done exactly what was given to her.

Deena is the character who keeps on talking smoothly. At some places in the film, is acting like he is talking on Vijay TV. Though he passes it okay in some places, Deena gets annoyed at some places.Bharathiraja has carried the entire weight of the film. He stands as a pillar supporting the core of the film.He has given a good twist to the screenplay. The director may have paid a little attention in a few places and should be appreciated for giving the film a good impression.

Reva’s background score is a strong side to the film. As the director himself was a cinematographer, it is beautiful that he knows the character and shoots the scenes. Similarly, he has managed well for each scene.

You can go on summer vacation with kids and enjoy the movie.

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