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Bull & horn fare

After an average outing in Naan Miruganai Maara, Ssikumar is back with a rural-based movie that revolves around traditional sport of Tamil – Jallikattu. Directed by newcomer Hemanth and produced by Prince Pictures, it has music by D Imman
Kaari revolves around the rivalry between two villages in the Ramanathapuram district over the ownership of a temple. It is finally decided that the village that wins the Jallikattu game will exercise powers over the temple management. However, there is a twist to this ownership tussle. The Jallikattu game can only be organised by the family of a horse jockey, Sethi (Sasilar), who moved to Chennai years ago. What prompts Sethu to return to his village? Which group finally wins ownership of the temple? These questions form the crux of Kaari.
Sasi kumar dies a decent show, while JD Chakravarthy is more cliched as baddie. Imman’s music is catchy. Ammu Abhirami is okay while Prem, Naren are okay Kingsley tries to evoke humour. Jallikattu scenes are captured well.
All said, Kaari is a good attempt.

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