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Jigiri Dosthu

A story about friendship. But they are praising nicely.

Shariq Haasan, Aran and Aashiq are best friends. How much is Shariq’s girlfriend Ammu Abirami, to take an oath that he should never meet friends from now on, and the next moment Aashiq gets a call, Shariq Escapes – that’s how blossomed friendship..!

Among friends, Aran is a little studious plus intelligent. He discovers a tool called Terrorist Tracker. With it, whoever is talking on the phone can be tracked from a distance of 500 meters.

While trying to run it as a project in college, the equipment breaks down and Aran goes out with his friends.

The rest of the story is what happens when a young woman is found being kidnapped and follows them using a terrorist tracker tool to trace the activities of the kidnapping gang. Sharik gets a good body and weaves in action. His legs really fly in the air while fighting.

Being the director and one of the producers of the film, Aran, who comes as an intellectual, has shaped his role well and lived it.

His very appearance tells us that he is a creator. It can be confirmed that Tamil cinema has finally got another promising hero who excels in action. Aashiq has been roped in for comedy. I don’t know if they wrote the verse for him or let him speak. .

Although two heroines, both have little to do. Ammu Abhirami takes part in the beginning and Pavitra Lakshmi in the latter half. They could have stretched their scenes a bit more as both of them look like eternal flowers.

The eyes of Shiva, who comes as rowdy Arjuna, identify him as a villain. But there could have been scenes where he could have fueled the performance even more. Such a big rowdy couldn’t enjoy being fooled by his companions.

Experienced actors like Gautham Sundararajan, Durai Sudhakar, Anupama Kumar have also acted along with them.

RV Charan’s cinematography and Ashwin Vinayakamurthy’s music have traveled the budget without repair.

In this era of 300, 400 crore production films, Aran’s effort to compete with them while maintaining the status quo is amazing.
However, in today’s cinema, where hundreds of films remain unreleased, his efforts to produce, direct and act in a film can be welcomed with a bouquet of flowers.

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