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Jai Vijayam

Jai Akash moves to a new house with his father, wife and younger sister with head injuries. He often has a bad dream. Wife Akshaya gives him pills every now and then saying that it is like this because you have amnesia so take the pill. In this situation, various things are happening around Jai Akash which makes Jai Akash suspicious that his family is planning something against him and he runs away and files a complaint at the police station. At one point Jai Akash is accused of murder. Jai Akash wakes up to find the police investigating that you are the one who killed the mother and son. The police refuse to believe me no matter how many times I say that I did not commit murder. Jai Vijayam breaks the suspense and answers many questions about who Jai Akash killed, why his wife and younger sister and father are conspiring around him.

Jai Akash has already acted in various Tamil films including Ramakrishna. Apart from this, he has also acted in the TV serial “Neethane En Pon Vasantham”. Even today, he has a huge fan base, with cinema fans on one side and TV fans on the other. Even today Jai Akash is acting as a hero, relying on them. Jai Vijayam starring Jai Akash is truly a suspense thriller with a completely different story for him. Why is he blamed for the murder until the last scene, did he commit the murder or not? The sensation is increasing from scene to scene. His wife Akshaya even sees what he sees in reality, you have seen it in a dream. It is not true. Jai confuses Akash by saying that you have a hallucination that means you are not there. At one point he is shocked to hear that his wife has been abducted. Suddenly the abducted wife returns home saying that she has been hit on the leg and walks with a limp. When they confuse him, the fans also have a confusion in their skulls.

If we break the suspense of Jai Akash’s murder or not right away, the film will not be interesting to watch, so let the suspense continue here.

Akshaya Kondamuthu, who plays the heroine, impresses with her natural performance. At one point, there is a doubt whether she is actually Jai Akash’s wife or not, but the twist in the scenes adds to the film’s interest.

The film is produced by Jay Akash under A Cube Movies App and directed by Jay Satheesan under his real name NageshVaran. It is also special that he has arranged the fight scene and the dance scene.
JCP Rajendran has become the original cop. Because he’s actually a cop, his body language and intimidation are all original. From the beginning to the end of the film, there is smoke in many scenes and they always record the scenes clearly, in which it is difficult for those who miss the title sequence to understand why they are recorded with smoke. But the smoke is depicted as a soul in the film. An explanation is also given in the climax scene.

Cinematographer Pal pondi shoots the scenes on demand

Satishkumar’s music, MG Manikandan’s editing are all perfect, so there is no room for any talk of increasing or decreasing the scene. The scenes are perfectly carved. Similarly, if two more films come to Jai Akash, he will definitely hold a place in the film industry that will make him look back.

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