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Irumban is a film starring MGR Jr., the grandson of MGR wife Janaki.

MGR means life for Kuravs. Junior MGR playing a character belonging to that caste is very appropriate.

It’s smart to use MGR’s style of dialogue and fight scenes.” The meaning of the verse is that the rich and the poor are fighting here.

Junior MGR and Aishwarya Dutta’s performance and Srikanth Deva’s fast-paced remix of the Nanga Pudusa Jodithanga song composed by which is featured in the movie Olivilakku , will make the fans dance.People like Junior MGR, Yogi Babu, Aishwarya Dutta Gangayan who get stuck in the sea have experienced the hardships of the tidal sea very well.The wild Andaman episode is beautifully shot.
Aishwarya Dutta In some scenes, she wears short dresses and indulges in clichés. Yogibabu packs a comedy punch till the climax.

Saji Chowdhury, Sendrayan, Rakshita, Ashwini, Manimaran, Sambhatram are also in the cast.

Produced by Tamil Bala R. Vinothkumar. Lenin Balaji’s cinematography captures the beauty of the sea and the Andamans. Keera knows the pulse of B year C center and directs it. Irumban – entertainment.

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