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In Car

A few years ago, a woman was abducted and raped and killed in a bus in Delhi. Than In Car is a film based on that incident.

After stabbing someone in a dispute, he escaped to a hidden place with the help of his uncle and brother. The young man goes. Meanwhile, Ritika, who is waiting for Bus on the way, is kidnapped and taken away in the car to humiliate her. The climax answers whether their intentions are selfish.Director Harsha Vardhan turns a one-line story into a two-hour kidnapping story.

Ritika Singh, who acted in the film Irudhi Suttru’, plays the role of a woman who is kidnapped in a car. 80 percent of the story happens in the car itself. The mischievous boy sitting next to Ritika repeatedly caresses her. Ritika is sitting silently in the car without escaping when the car goes to a petrol station, an area where there are people.According to the director, Ritika has acted Ritika’s action scene is comforting as one thinks that there will be a big incident in the climax.Mithun Gangopadhyay’s cinematography gives a car travel experience.Harshvardhan wants to say something but is unable to say it properly. Kickboxer Ritika can still be used aggressively in the action scene.

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