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Mohan, Anumol, Swathi, Anita Nair, Kaushik Ram, Santhosh Prabhakaran, Saruhasan, Mottai Rajendran, Yogi Babu and many others have acted. This film is directed by director Vijay Sri.
Mohan, who was once known for his Silver Jubilee films, is acting as a hero after a long gap.
It is the story of a loving father who searches for those responsible for his daughter’s mysterious death.

Mohan lives in Ooty with his wife Anumol and daughter Swathi. His daughter is a college student. He is studying in Coimbatore. Suddenly one day the daughter commits suicide after calling her father. The cause of her daughter’s death is unknown. To find this, Mohan changes his name to an Islamic name. Then he searches for those responsible for his daughter’s death.
Did he finally find the killers of his daughter? Why did he keep his Islamic name? What is the background to all this? That is the rest of the story of the film.

Realizing the change of times, Mohan plays a more mature character in the film, namely Ram as a jovial father.
Seeing Mohan on screen after a long gap will be a surprise for the fans. The actor who has already acted in Uruvam has not even changed his image in this film. He is only changing his name. So you can easily find it by looking. A lot of logical questions arise throughout the film.

Despite the passing of many years, Mohan has not changed much in appearance. He has given a natural performance in the film. Pasakkara has shown the feelings of a doting father in his performance. Anumol is coming as Mohan’s wife. She is melting by showing the distress of a mother who is suffering from the loss of her daughter. Suresh Menon is playing the villain.
Anithra Nair, who helps Mohan, is more impressive in action scenes than acting. Both Kaushik Ram and Santhosh Prabhakaran have good opportunities to act.

Yogi Babu, Mottai Rajendran, Vanitha Vijayakumar and Maim Gopi have done their best. They have not helped the film much. Music by Prashant Aravin has helped the flow of the story.
The father-daughter love story travels in a different direction as fake medicine and adulteration. The director has tried to convey a message to the society. But it could have paid a little more attention to the way it was carried.
The twist that comes in the climax is a surprise in the movie. Overall, the way Mohan’s ‘Hara’ is going to be made is average.

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