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Good Night

After a long gap, this film is a full-length comedy film. Now let’s see the gist of this film. The director has made this film keeping in mind how many problems a man gets due to snoring and how people who do not have a zodiac sign are blamed for everything.Nayagan Manikandan belongs to a middle class family he has one elder sister one younger sister and lives very happily with her husband Ramesh Tilak who works in an IT company. There is a romance in the working IT company and they get separated due to his snoring Manikandan who is very sad in his life and again he finds a love beautiful wife this woman is very tolerant of all his things especially his snoring and at one point the woman becomes sleepless due to this snoring. He gets stressed and is admitted to the hospital, only then does he realize how much his wife is affected by his snoring and what kind of problems arise between them.If we say that Manikandan, who is playing the role of Mohan, is holding the whole movie, he is very windy, he is bringing the fans with his performance, as if Mohan is a sister when he enters the field, the last film, Jai Bheem, Jai Bheem, his next film, Good Night, this is also a quality and excellent film, Jai Bheem. Good Night has brought the community and it has a small social theme and it can be said that he has given it as a comedy film.Neetha Raghunath, who plays the female lead, is enthralling the fans with her amazing performance. The next biggest strength of the film is what we already know about Ramesh’s acting performance and we see that he is focusing on one more role in this film. The director of the film Vinayak Chandrasekhar has entertained the fans with an excellent screenplay by taking a wonderful and ordinary story that he has introduced. There is no doubt that the cinema fans who enter the theater will be very happy when they leave the cinema watching a good and entertaining movie and enjoy it with their family. He will come crawling.

All in all, Good Night will not disappoint you, there is no doubt that you will be in a good mood when you watch Good Night in theaters, this movie is sure to impress the fans very much.

There is no doubt that Shakti Film Factory films are a quality film and in that way they have given this film as a very good film and they have given a film that can be enjoyed with family especially children for this summer vacation.

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