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Glass Mates

Glass Mates is a film directed by Kuttipuli Saravana Shakti starring Angaiyar Kannan, Prana, Kuttipuli Saravana Sakthi, Mailsamy, Sams, Abhi Nakshatra. Angaiyar Kannan has produced the film on behalf of Mugavai Films International. Prithvi has composed the music and cinematography has been done by Arun Kumar Selvaraj. MS Selvam has done the cinematography. Jay has observed art.

The story revolves around Ramanathapuram. At the very beginning of the film, the glories of Ramanathapuram were layered one after the other, taking the viewers into a kind of positive area.
Both Angiyar Kannan and Saravana Sakthi are close friends. Both of them are close friends only in drinking alcohol. Angaiyar Kannan has been married for a few days. Despite living as a responsible husband with a beautiful wife, he never stopped drinking.

Sakthi Saravanan, despite having a beautiful family of his own like a wife who goes to work and takes care of him, and a loving daughter, never stopped drinking daily. Even though they caused many troubles in his family, even though they kept coming through them, they did not stop drinking.
What happened to their family because of this? What happened to Mylswamy’s family after he forgot about drinking and took care of his family and made him a drunkard again.?? Director Sakthi Saravanan has the answer in the second half.

The hero, Angaiyar Kannan, has given what he has been given to act in moderation. He has lived as a character, neither more nor less. Be it the drinking scene, be it the scene where he expresses his love for his wife, be it the scene where he cries in the climax, Angiyar Kannan has scored well in many places. The same contribution given to Nayaka is given to Shakti Saravana. He has given his best performance.
I couldn’t accept that the film goes on for the entire length of the film showing him getting drunk on the first night and then taking up his drinking habit again the next night. The scenes went on and on to the extent that the viewers were asking what happened and told them to give up this alcohol habit.

It seemed that the story could have added a little more interest. The songs and the background music of the film were a strong addition to the story. The cinematography also has no major flaws. The editing could have been a bit tighter.
Abhi Nakshatra, though a small character, has used it sparingly and properly. Actor Sams has impressed with his usual performance of comedy and sentiment. Actor Mylaswamy was amazing by giving an experienced performance. Prana, who acted opposite Angayar Kannan, acted very beautifully and scored well in the scenes. She has given a mesmerizing performance in her love for her husband.

He has only done occasional comedy work. Even if the story goes up and down, the destination is good and the purpose of the story is positive, which is the strength of the film. Climax touch..
Kudos to the director for showing how alcohol destroys families.
If two people quit drinking because of this movie, that is the success of the movie.

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