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Inspector Kajal Aggarwal tries to arrest the rowdy who ran away from his father twenty years ago. He gets caught and escapes. While chasing him, Kajal shoots one of the assailants. The film tells us what happens after that with a comedy and ghostly twist. Kalyan has directed the film with the intention of making people laugh somehow. It is a workout in some places. It did not bring laughter in many places.Kajal Aggarwal chase KS Ravik Kumar as a rowdy Also Myalsamy, Manobala, Mottai Rajendran, Urvashi all do their part in comedy. Maddened Yogi Babu and Red’s Kingsley team Kajal creeping into Aggarwal’s house as a ghost and terrorizing him, and then cowering at the sight of Mottoai Rajendran is all Lousy comedy.Radhika and Jai are in guest roles.Kajal Aggarwal was the lifeline of the movie and has performed her role wellTime Pass Movie

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