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Garudan is directed by Durai Senthilkumar, who directed the hit films Yethir Neechal'' andKodi”, Garudan starring Sasikumar, Suri and others. The story of the film is that Unni Mukundan and Sasikumar are friends who are not close friends. Unni Mukundan takes Suri, who was orphaned as a child, with him. Suri is also loyal to Unni Mukundan and Sasikumar. Minister RV Udayakumar is looking to grab temple land in Chennai. The land belonged to the temple controlled by Unni Mukundan. Minister plans to reach the land through mime gopi. In this, Unni Mukundan and Sasikumar get upset. Did Mime Gobi’s plan to create a rift between friendships work? What is Suri’s role in this? What happened to the friends? What happened to the temple land is the story of Garudan.

If you look at the story, it is a familiar story. The screenplay is also almost predictable. But what makes the film enjoyable is the performance of the actors. Especially Suri. While being a comedian, Suri, who comes across as innocent in the beginning, is menaced in the break scene. And the climax is fantastic. Kudos to Sasikumar for helping Suri’s development. His visuals are mesmerizing. Shivada’s performance is good. Unni Mukundan’s character could have been written a little stronger. His performance is not lacking. Otherwise, the acting of Mime Gopi, RV Udayakumar, Vadivukkarasi etc. is the strength of the film.

The strength of the film is the screenplay which flows smoothly despite the usual predictable plot. Kudos to the director Durai Senthilkumar who has given a rich action film with friendship, affection, enmity, betrayal and hostility. The way the story is woven in this concept of soil, gold and woman is special. Songs in Yuvan’s music are ok. His father’s carol plays in the background. It is not surprising that the case is filed against the son. Garudan is one of the best made movies in recent times.
Suri, who is innocent in the beginning, is very aggressive in the climax scene and takes the avatar of an action hero, Suri succeeds in it.

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