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Erumbu is directed by debutant Suresh and features Charlie MS Bhaskar, Susan George Marion, child star Baby Monica Siva and master Sakthi Hrithik Jagan and others in lead roles with music by Arjun Raj and cinematography by KS Kalidas.Charley, a laborer, has two children from his first wife, a girl and a son, and from his second wife Susan, he has one child who grows up under the cruelty of stepmother. These children scream when they see stepmother. The son of the first son loses the ring, fearing that chitthi will beat him if he comes to know about it, Monika and Master Sachin Rishi are looking for it but can’t find it, Monika comforts the brother saying that I am here, but they go to the shop to buy the ring, but they have only 450 rupees and the price of the ring is 6000 rupees. These two do many jobs to earn money, they fish and sell, they work in the jasmine flower garden, they do many jobs and somehow they try to buy this ring, but they don’t get the money.

Director Suresh must be praised for taking an ordinary story and making us enjoy the film with an amazing screenplay and a climax that no one expected in Tamil cinema so far.

It’s a wonderful thing to see Charli again on screen for a short break. he keeps mesmerizing, moving, disturbing, and always proving that he is a great artist in every film.

Although Susan Sarge has not had a big job, she has done the role given to her as a cruel chitthi very well. It can be said that the biggest strength of this film is that she has chosen a special character for her. Director Suresh has carved the character very well.Another important role in the film is MS Bhaskar, who plays a character role in all the films.MS Bhaskar has come in the role of a villain in this film. He has also proved in this film that he will do well.

Monica Siva has given such a great performance that we wonder if she is such a great actress at this age of a girl.Shakti Vetri acting as a child star is the biggest strength,I have to say that the film makes us enjoy the film very interestingly because the characters in the story are wonderful, the screenplay is beautiful, the music is cool to the eyes, and the cinematography is cool to the eye. The director has created a wonderful story with the ring. The director has given it a great screen story and has made us enjoy it very much. He has made this film a must watch for everyone, especially children must watch this film. Director Suresh G has told very beautifully how the stubbornness of children affects everything.

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