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This is a much awaited film as the leading hit director Rajkumar Hirani and leading actor Shah Rukh Khan are joining hands. Three friends and one friend from Punjab’s Laldu village, who have no means of earning locally, are planning to go to England.

Ex-army hero Shah Rukh Khan takes them to the crossroads promising to take them to England, who are in no way eligible for visas.
What is that Dunki way..?

The Dunki route is to sneak across several countries without a visa to the UK.

If it’s a Shah Rukh Khan film, they give him younger and older villains. In this, the person who appears as an old man at the beginning of the film becomes a young man in the flashback.

The film begins with Taapsee Pannu, the heroine of the film, who is a patient in an English hospital, and escapes from the hospital. She is denied a visa to enter India and manages to go as far as Dubai. As there is no way to go to India from there, she seeks her old friend Shahrukh who is in India.

When he gets a phone call from Taapsee after 25 years, Shah Rukh Khan, who is in shock, decides to help Taapsee. Similarly Taapsee leaves for Dubai with her two friends who are in England.

The flashback answers everything about Shah Rukh and Taapsee’s relationship, who the two friends are and why they didn’t get visas to visit India. Heartbroken because he couldn’t go to England, Shahrukh’s speech in the English court while holding the cremated ashes of his friend is heart-melting, and his performance in that scene is amazing. King Khan is also amazing in the climax.

Taapsee Pannu’s performance is also excellent. He also has two bad guys, older and younger. Taapsee sizzles in the scenes of taking wrestling training from Shah Rukh. Taapsee’s acting is top-class as the citizen feels guilty about lying to England for her ambitions.

Vicky Kaushal is playing a role similar to them. Vicky threatens to act in his struggle to save his girlfriend who has gone to England and where he fails and commits suicide.

The actors who play Taapsee’s two friends have also done their part well.

Also, the performance of Boman Rani, who teaches English to all of them, is the height of excitement. All the English classes he conducts are fun and laugh-out-loud. The first half of the film goes by in a whirlwind due to the flamboyant visuals and the laugh-out-loud and thought-provoking dialogues. The film’s underwhelming dunki parts come only in the second half. It is not a legal crime to trespass into another country.

The purpose of their decision to go to England is not so important, so they don’t know what to do if they go and what if they can’t go. Taapsee Pannu’s character comes across as self-centered. Shah Rukh Khan seeks love if he wants to make it work. Elsewhere he is forgotten.

The big question is whether Shahrukh, a patriotic army man, can continue to love Taapsee, who stays in England and complains about India, saying, “There is no way to live in our country…”.

Dunki is a movie that makes you laugh and think if you forget the logic.

The specialty of the film is the screenplay that can be written on all human emotional levels like friendship, love, affection, family relationships. It is fair to wonder how many people cross the border after seeing such an interesting sighting of border crossings. But the director warns us with the photographs taken in reality what happened to those who went like that.

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