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Sachin, who wants to become a film director, meets a producer and tells a ghost story. He agrees to make it after catching it. Sachin rents a house in an apartment to discuss the story and prepare the script. Paranormal happens in that house. A terrible ghostly dream threatens Sachin. At one point he wanders the streets like a madman. His friends rescue him and show him to the doctor. He gives some advice. Sachin dares to find out what the mystery is in his house. That’s when the people who lived in that house before that. It is revealed that he died by suicide. At one point Sachin gets trapped in a ghost family. The climax answers whether he was able to recover from it.

The story is based on a true incident that took place in the North. The story is a typical ghost story but the way it is told is the thrill. Fear sets in as Sachin enters the apartment building, which signals a haunted house.why the hero Sachin doesn’t share his fear of ghosts with all his assistant directors when he stays at home alone till the first half of the film and doesn’t even ask anyone to accompany him. The first half moves with such questions. After the break, the demon’s flamboyance increases.

There is a difference between a family coming as a ghost and terrorizing Sachin and trapping him alone in a room and showing the reason why their family committed suicide in a TV show. But I don’t know which town shows ghost like this. Produced by R. Somasundaram. Ronnie Raphael is in music.

R.S.Ananda Kumar camera is normal.

New director Ramesh Palanivel is reserving the director’s little seat by giving an entry in the minimum guarantee horror genre.

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