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Yashika lives in a big bungalow-like house with her husband. she remembers the death of two of his friends. They come in person and talk to Yashika and Yashika is scared and tries to commit suicide. The husband who stops her and saves her at one point decides to move to another house. The husband dies in an accident where she goes to visit the house but is shocked when he also comes alive and talks to Yashika.. Meanwhile a police inspector gets trapped in Yashika’s haunted house. The climax is whether he can get away with it.

Yashika met with an accident 2 years ago. The next film she acted in was Chaitra. As it is a story related to her actual incident, she interacts with the character.
The characters are unable to guess who is ghost and who is alive, Suspense scenes are taken as they are created.

It must be said that Yashika is the only familiar face, while the other characters are all newcomers, but they have played their role flawlessly.
Usually the ghost is shown in a different form in the cinema. Since all the ghosts come in their own form, it is not clear which one is a ghost and which one is real. It adds to the story.

Produced by K. Manokaran.
Music by Prabhakaran Meiyappan is okay.
Satishkumar’s cinematography is also a plus.
Chaitra has directed the film from a different angle
M. Zenithkumar.

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