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Vetri is a young man whomaking a riot in Tuticorin. Three of his friends join him every day to do a lot of anarchy in Tuticorin. These four can do whatever they want for money. They are supported by Kavita Bharti who is a police officer. When they come and chase them to arrest them, they go to an Ayyappa temple and when they try to arrest them, they shout that the Ayyappa devotees should not enter the temple. After a formal fast, they go to Sabarimala where Harish Peradi Muslim lottery seller struggles to Sell lottery bumper lottery ticket. Victory but leaves that lottery ticket there and gives a bumper prize of 10 crore rupees for that lottery ticket. The rest of the story is how he got this lottery ticket and this prize.

The director of the film Selvakumar must be appreciated. The reason is a good story and accordingly a very different screenplay in which a wonderful social thought, a humanity, humanity is a film that has all these bumper, honesty, conscience is beyond religion and humanity will win, director Selvakumar has said very well of this film. Although the first half of the screenplay is a bit boring, the second part of the screenplay has really surprised us. Director Selvakumar makes us enjoy and applaud scene after scene and I have to say that he makes us think. It can be said that the director is carrying the entire film. Sivani Narayanan, after a long gap, after many struggles, the film that she has got, is not a heroine who thinks something will come and go, but she is a strong heroine who listens to it a little and she is using the opportunity wonderfully. We can expect him to get good films after this.

If I say that the greatest strength of this film is Harish Peradi, it is a question whether this film would have come to life without him.He has given life to this film by understanding the character of this film wonderfully and with excellent acting. I don’t know how the director chose him for this role in this film, but I couldn’t even think of anyone else but him in this film.

Similarly, Kavita Bharti who acted in the film, Aruvi Madan who will become friends of Vetri have all given excellent performances.

More strength to the film is the music composed by Govind Vasanth all the songs are amazing especially the song about Ayyappan is amazing there is no doubt that this song is going to be a hit in this year’s Ayyappan season.

Honesty is never defeated in life, the reward of honesty is definitely the biggest bumper is the justice of the Lord in this film, the director has written it very wonderfully as a screenplay.

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