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The name of the hero in the film is Bell. (Remember the world famous scientist Graham Bell)

Bell and his friend are the only ones alive while the people living in the forest called Singhavanam are dying one after the other. The entire film is about the police investigation.In the story told by Bell, Nisumba Suthani, one of the deities worshiped in Tamil Nadu, is actually the name of an herb and the name of the herb which has the power to revive the dead is later used to worship the deity.

The rest of the story is whether Bell’s father is the only one who knows the secret of Nisumba Suthani, and he has passed on the knowledge to his son, forcing the film’s villain to find the herb. Veteran actor ‘Nitish Veera’ has played the role of Belle in this film with special visual skills. His dedicated performance is admirable. Moreover, the single shot in which he describes Nisumba Soothani lasts for almost ten to fifteen minutes.

Nitish Veera, who memorized the dialogues in one take and adapted himself to the camera angle, gets kudos. It is sad to think that such an actor is no longer alive.

Guru Somasundaram plays a wandering villain whose ambition is to obtain nisumba sudhani, His performance as a no-nonsense villain is commendable with maturity.Famous dance master Sridhar is also making his debut as an actor in this film. Although it is the first film, Sridhar has done his role perfectly. It’s a shame that this role doesn’t give him the chance to do that with his dancing skills.

Cinematographer Paranik Kannan and music composer Robert have given suitable cinematography and music for the film.

A movie that tells about the pride of Tamils ​​can have a better name in Tamil.

However, the film’s crew, including producer Peter Raj, can be commended for making a good point.

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