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Bayamariya Brammai

Starring: JD, Guru Somasundaram, John Vijay, Harish Uthman, Vinod Sagar, Vishwanth, Sai Priyanka Ruth, Divya Ganesh, Harish
Produced by: Jagadish, Rahul Kabali
Music: K
Cinematography: Nanda-V. Praveen
Directed by: Rahul Kabali
PRO: Yuvraj

Jagadish is jailed for committing 96 murders in 25 years. His life is written as a book by author Kabilan. Those who read that book become Jagadish and started to kill. What was the reason for the murders? Who are the readers who become Jagadish?, Who is the writer Kabilan? Fearless delusion gives a puzzling answer. Some crime films come out in Hollywood where two people keep talking, there are action scenes and murder scenes in between, many people don’t understand and some understand and enjoy the film. Payamariya Brahmai is a film that has come in such a style. Vinod Sagar plays the role of writer Kabilan. Newcomer JD plays the role of a killer named Jagadish.
Kabilan is coming to write a book by directly interviewing JD who is in jail and from the next scene the murders start to take place one after the other. In other words, the very first scene starts dripping blood with murder..If you see that the hero JD appears in every murder scene, different actors have played that character. If you pay attention to this very deeply, you will understand it, you will understand the course of the story to some extent, and you will also understand what the director is saying. Even if you leave a little scene, then you have to see the film as a story of being blindfolded in the forest.

The director gives some explanation at the very beginning of the film. Only by reading that explanation can the story be understood somewhat without confusion. Besides JD, Guru Somasundaram, Harish Uthman, Vinod Sagar also played a female role in the role of Jagadish. They have done their respective characters well. Especially Guru Somasundaram and Harish Utthaman did very well. Newcomer JD doesn’t want to occupy the entire film by himself and gives a chance to other actors and thereby arouses interest. JD narrates his life story to Vinod and grabs attention with punch lines.

Director Rahul Kabali seems to read a lot of English novels. So he shoots the film chapter by chapter like a book and makes it feel like reading a crime novel. But it is not possible to tell how many people will sit patiently and watch this. Cinematographer Nanda Praveen has shot most of the scenes in darkness and has left an unfathomable horror in mind. K has composed the music effortlessly without changing the direction of the situation.

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