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Sivakarthikeyan Rahul Preet Singh Yogi Babu Bala Saravanan Bhanupriya Karunakaran After a long gap Isha Gobikar and others in the lead roles Ayalan is the biggest release movie directed by Ravikumar with music by AR Raghuman.

From the very first line of reviews, this movie can be said to be a very entertaining movie, especially to celebrate this Pongal holiday with your family. Four years of struggle, this struggle has become a very strong struggle. The film has proved that Tamil cinema has not lost its way in terms of technology. Director Ravikumar is an asset of Indian cinema and it can be said that he has a talent that surpasses director Shankar. Graphics scenes in so many movies have been copied after watching international movies but that copy is not perfect but in this movie they have set it very perfectly. I have to say that director Ravikumar has handled this alien shape and how to use that alien very well. The elimination of this four-year delay looks amazing on the screen and director Ravikumar has set the film’s story and screenplay to compete with international films. Although Sivakarthikeyan Rahul Preet Singh and many other stars are present in this film, the director Ravikumar is the one that stands out to us, we all should support this film for such a talented director.

Sivakarthikeyan, who does organic farming with his mother in a village called Poomparai, is coming to Chennai as a young farmer who does organic farming. A group of people are trying to extract a new type of gas that is very deep in the earth, and if this gas is taken, the world will be destroyed, an alien comes to stop this, Sivakarthikeyan’s habit with the alien, Sivakarthikeyan and the alien together prevent the production of that gas or not.

Director Ravikumar has designed a wonderful screenplay for this story and realizing it, Sivakarthikeyan is working hard for the story without his heroine. We should congratulate him for that. Sivakarthikeyan has understood the role very well. Rahul Preet Singh, who is coming to the teacher, has given an excellent performance. I have to say that Ravikumar has realized this and acted very well.

After a long gap, Isha Gobikar is coming back as Willy in this film.

Karunakaran, Yogi Babu, Bala Saravanan, who are Sivakarthikeyan’s friends, all of them have shown a wonderful performance, understanding the spirit of the story and giving the best comedy makes the film enjoyable, especially Yogi Babu’s comedy scenes make us clap our hands unconsciously at many places.

If we say that the greatest strength of the film is the cinematographer Neeravsha, we have to say that he has understood the director’s intention, understood the nature of the story, where the graphics should come and how the scenes should be set, and he has given a very good cinematography.

The next biggest strength is that AR Raghuman has given the songs and the background music very well. The director’s desire that AR Raghuman should be right for this story has expressed that desire brilliantly.

All in all, Ayalan is a joy to watch with family

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