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A treat for horror fans – “Asvins”

Aswins is a film starring Vasant Ravi Vimala Raman as the female lead for the first time, Rajiv Menon’s daughter Saraswathi Menon Muralitharan Udayadeep and others directed by debutant director Tarun Teja with music by Vijay Siddharth.

Actor Vasanth Ravi is known to Tamil fans through films like Taramani and Rocky. Aswins is his film become a horror film in the style of Hollywood films. Debut director Tarun Teja. According to the story, once upon a time, the twin children of a farmer drowned in water. Devastated by this, the peasant Aswins penance to the gods. The devas give life to only one saying that they can make only one survive due to the fruit of penance. After that they give him two toy horses and disappear saying that he will die naturally and nothing else will save him. But Satan comes to the boy who is sad about the loss of his brother and deceives him and takes away a toy monkey. Brings a Satan from Hell to live on Earth. Due to this, the town is cursed and many people die. Vasant Ravi, who currently runs a YouTube channel, and his friends shoot videos for his channel in a secluded house on an island in London. But due to the supernatural power present there, they are trapped and unable to get out. Did they finally get out? The director has told with extreme horror what is the connection between them and that Satan.

A Hollywood quality horror film after a long time in Tamil. The story looks like a typical ghost movie but the sound effects will surely make you scream. And the visuals and sound in the first half are terrible. It makes me think whether we are watching a Tamil movie or a Hollywood movie.

Vasant Ravi acting is good. This film is sure to make a name for him, who has chosen to act in different stories. Fear, tension and anger are conveyed through his eyes. Vimala Raman, Saraswathi Menon, Muralitharan have all given what a horror film needs. In such horror films, most of the work goes to the music composer and cinematographer. Vijay Siddharth’s background score is a huge strength. In the first half, he put us on the edge of the seat in fear. Edwin’s cinematography has given Hollywood quality to the scenes. The sea views unfolding in the drone footage are amazing. Sakthivelan of Shakti Films, which always promotes good films, has succeeded in this too.The film is a bit difficult to understand for a common movie buff as it is a psychological thriller. But Hollywood making has taken the film to a different platform. This movie is definitely a hit for horror movie lovers this week. Don’t miss out.

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