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The resort located in the Kurinji hill forest houses the couple Nayakan Sripathi – Nayaki Niya and many other guests. While only the queen bungalow at this British-era resort remains locked, the resort’s new manager, Angadi Teri Mahesh, opens and cleans the room and hosts a party. After the party ends, two women disappear and the hero Sripathi and another guest are beaten up. At that time, police officer Satyaraj, who suddenly visits there, has the mysterious knots of the resort untied in the investigation? What is the status of the mysterious women? It is ‘Angarakan’ that is said with a background of horror and mystery.

Sripathi, who is playing the hero, is a newcomer, but he is good enough to get pass marks in acting, acting, comedy and action. He is always a cargo hand and the scenes of him roaming around in search of cargo are laughable.

Nia, who plays the heroine, has a song and a few scenes, but she has done a good job in it. Angaditheru Mahesh, Appukutty, KC Prabhat and Raina Karath have done the given work well.

Sathyaraj, who is playing an important role in the film, is once again threatening as a villain with a bald head. But it’s disappointing that the scenes don’t have enough pressure to fuel his performance. Satyaraj, who initially conducts the investigation as a police officer, suddenly gets attention for taking on an avatar, but they leave the line without saying it properly. Sathyaraj, who has played good roles, is it necessary for him to act in such a story?

Nayagan Sripathi has scripted the story of Karundel Rajesh. Sripathi’s screenplay has completely changed the story which has a horror and mystery background.

The songs and background music in Ku Karthi’s music are not suitable for the story

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