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The hero Arjun Das, who is mentally affected by a bitter incident in his childhood, is being treated by a psychiatrist. Meanwhile, Arjun Das and Tushara Vijayan, due to circumstances, get caught up in a crime scene, while romance with heroine Tushara Vijayan changes his mood and brings him back to normal. So the direction of their lives changes and the story of ‘Aneethi’ is about how the law is lost to the common people.

who used to play villain roles for the first time, has done this hero avatar. Arjun Das, who is playing the lead role, has handled the powerful character very carefully and attracts attention. When he sees those who treat the common people with contempt, he becomes murderous towards them, does not talk to anyone, expresses the change in his mood after starting to fall in love, and is disturbed by his girlfriend’s words. Arjun Das has proved through this film that he can handle not only action films but also romantic and emotional films.

Dushara Vijayan is like our girl next door. In every film she proves that she is a great actress who can act according to the character. She has been the biggest strength of this film. Especially with Arjun Das who has put on a great performance with a realistic performance.

We can say that this is a huge Come Back for Vanitha Vijayakumar. She has proved through this film that she is the biggest Villie in acting.

All the actors in the film including Kali Venkat, Shantha Dhanajayan, Arjun Chidambaram are suitable choices for the characters and have left a mark in their performances.

The cinematographer Edwin is the greatest strength of the film. It must be said that the director has given an excellent cinematography according to the story.

It has to be said that the biggest strength of the film is that the music composer GV Prakash Kumar has been a great supporter for the director by giving me some sweet songs as per the script.

The director has given us the injustice done to the working people by the employers through a wonderful screenplay. What is the solution to that? Director Vasanth Balan has said that with Aneethi, Vasanth Balan has made a huge mark in Tamil cinema and through this film, he has once again proved that he is a great director. Director Vasantha Balan has been very emphatically saying that the poor do not get justice so quickly
I have to say that although the screenplay is a little slack in the first track, the second part is very lively especially the backdrop of Arjun Das Yaar which adds tremendous strength to the film. injustice is a justice for fans, so fans should go to the theater and give justice.

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