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The Hollywood film industry has turned all the science fiction concepts like time travel, time loop, parallel universe into amazing creations. But at a time when we think that this is possible for Tamil cinema, it is the film that proves that it is possible.

Let’s hope that this film with the second world story of parallel universe will also join.

After a series of thunderbolts in his life, the suicidal hero GV Prakash is forced to meet his old girlfriend again after a voice on TV gives him new hope. Even though she doesn’t know him, he tries to tell her about his love.

While waiting for that time, he gets into an accident and faints. When he wakes up he is in another world. This is Chennai – but it is called Madras. Everyone we know is walking around in a different name or form, so that all the strange things that have never been seen before happen.

The only good thing is that in this world whom GV Prakash loves, she is his wife. But at a time when he is under a lot of stress whether this is true or false, he suddenly enters the old world again, to be his girlfriend and friend’s girlfriend there… What happens in these two different world stories is the exciting climax.

Kudos to the director Vignesh Karthik who has captivated us with an excellent screenplay of a complex story. He definitely joins the list of Tamil cinema.

GV Prakash’s most suitable character is the best character he has played so far. He has impressed the fans with his amazing performance. It is a great honor to be playing an amazing role that has never been seen before.

He who gave away his parents in the first world, when he met them in the second world, said, “Are you not yet dead?” The theater shakes when you hear that.

It is surprising that the heroine Gauri Kishan, who looks like an ordinary girl in person, looks like a Angel when seen through the camera. Gauri Kishan in this film can be loved not only by GV but also by everyone watching the film.

The screenplay is so exciting that you don’t know how to move from the first scene to the last scene.

As usual in GV’s friends, RJ Vijay makes the theater lively with his acting. He comes as Wasim Akram in the first world and Waqar Yunus in the second world.

Gokul Binoy Cinematography Class. Justin Prabhakaran’s music and the songs set to the music are amazing.

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