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Actor Santhosh Prathap on Kondraal Paavam

Actor Santhosh Prathap on Kondraal Paavam

Pratap Krishna & Manoj Kumar A of EINFACH STUDIOS present “Kondraal Paavam”, directed by Dayal Padmanabhan, which is all set for worldwide theatrical release on March 10, 2023. Actor Santhosh Prathap, who has proved his credibility as a promising actor in his films, shares his experience of working in this film.

Actor Santhosh Prathap said, “There are stories that will instantly resonate with the audiences beyond linguistic and regional boundaries. Kondraal Paavam is one such tale that has worked magic in all languages including the original in Kannada and Telugu remake. KP is a movie that has offered space and scope for every artiste to explore and exhibit their potential. I am so elated that director Dayal Padmanabhan sir offered me a strong role in this movie. As everyone on the team has stated, a film’s success gets almost confirmed with a strong intermission and climax. Kondraal Paavam has both the elements that will keep the audiences hooked to the premise even after the show is over.”

Sharing his experience working with a wonderful team, Santhosh Prathap adds, “An actor like me will always feel blessed when they get good co-stars. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar is such a talented artiste, who can gleam as an actor in any language. She is a well-trained performer, who can easily deliver a colossal show in any given role. Charlie Sir, Eswari Rao madam, and everyone on the team have done a remarkable job. Chezhiyan sir’s Midas-touch with visual magic and Sam CS’s magnificent music have embellished the film. Dayal sir is a genius and disciplined filmmaker, whose thought process of conceptualizing and making unique and beautiful films left everyone on the sets enthralled. Kondraal Paavam will offer a new experience to the Tamil audiences.”

Kondraal Paavam is produced by Pratap Krishna & Manoj Kumar A of EINFACH STUDIOS, and is directed by Dayal Padmanabhan. The others in the star cast include Sendraayan, Manobala, and many eminent actors.

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