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Aayiram porkasugal

This Aayiram porkasugal is the film in which producer and distributor KAYAR returns as a distributor after a long gap. It is not an exaggeration to say that the movie is a funny movie that will make you forget about the plot and the quality of the movie.

Vidharth Saravanan Hello Kandaswamy George Marion’s gala will make us enjoy it so much.

Directed by debutant director Ravi Murugaya, this Aayiram porkasugal is a film starring Vidharth, Saravanan, Arundhati, Hello Kandasamy and George Marion.

Johan has composed the music for the film and Banu Murugan has done the cinematography.

In a village near Thanjavur, lives Saravanan, unmarried and living a lazy life. Vidharth, Saravanani’s Sister son, comes with him.

Saravanan also digs pits to build toilets as the government tells him to build toilets in the entire village and gets a grant for that. George comes digging the pit.

George digs a hole and finds a pot containing a thousand gold coins. George wants to share it with Vidharth and Saravana.

Is the share divided? The rest of the story of the film is about who got the gold coins.

Vidharth and Saravan have done what they were given. The strength of the film is George and Hello Kandasamy. They bring life to the scenes as much as they can and keep the fans entertained.

Even minor characters have scattered the comedy. The first half moves the plot along, while the second half simply picks up the pace and makes it enjoyable.
Although it is a small story, the director has made it tasteful in the screenplay. Debutant director Ravi Murugaya has made his mark in the first film, he makes us enjoy scene after scene, especially the screenplay of the film is funny and the scenes make us laugh, especially the scenes at the police station make us enjoy a lot.

The film’s background music and cinematography are the biggest strengths of the film. The crew left the theater shaking with laughter till the end. There is no doubt that this film will definitely be the best comedy film of this year.

Must visit with family once…

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