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Thudikkum Karangal

Vimal is running a YouTube channel through which he is talking about people’s problems. Due to this, he gets a lot of opposition. However, he travels with the ambition to achieve success in the media industry. Meanwhile, a young man from Ramanathapura district who had come to study in Chennai goes missing. Vimal is posting information about the young man on his YouTube channel to help his father who is searching for him. After that, while searching for him with some information that Vimal comes to know about the young man, it is revealed that he is related to the IG’s daughter who died mysteriously. As a result, a gang chases Vimal to kill him, how does Vimal find out the truth about the murder of the IG’s daughter and the missing youth and the people behind it?, they have told in the action thriller genre.

For the first time, Vimal has acted as the hero in an action thriller genre film. But in this story, he could have avoided acting in a conventional manner. Throughout the film he appears as a Jew in modern clothes, but without any change in body language he comes across as the same old Vimal. Although we have already seen Vimal in everything be it love, comedy, sentiment, but only in the action scenes, Vimal makes us enjoy a new Vimal.

Suresh Menon’s character as a Narcotics Squad IG is the biggest breakthrough for the film.

Although the character of Soundararajan, who plays a police inspector, is initially introduced well and then he is made a dummy in the later scenes. However, he does a hundred percent justice to the role given to him and attracts attention.

The director has an unexpected twist in the background to the mystery surrounding the murder of IG’s daughter, and what will happen next? The anticipation is infectious for the fans.

The murder of the Narcotics Division IG’s daughter makes us guess what the film is going to be about right from the start. However, director Veludas moves the screenplay interestingly with the biryani matter.

All in all, there is no shortage of throbbing hands.

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