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Life is going on normally in Kerala. A problem runs from house to house. A young man from a fisherman’s family falls in love with a rich housewife. The girl’s father insults the fishing family. A father-in-law forces a groom to give divorce to his wife. A government official prepares to enter a new home,and a truck driver carries bombs to detonate a bomb due to industrial trouble. from abroad A couple comes to enjoy the beauty of Kerala, while many more incidents like this happen, slowly rain starts pouring in the town and the entire state is flooded.They are stuck not knowing who to save whom. At some point the government itself is destabilized. Fishermen come with their boats to save the villagers. They risk their lives to save every family. Lal, Tovino and Naren are drenched in rain throughout the film.Every scene becomes a climax, Tovino thomas come in a boat in flood to rescue the husband and wife trapped inside the house but their mentally retarded son. There are no words to describe it all.It can only be felt by seeing.

Once the movie starts and the eyes are fixed on the screen, the people in the seats go motionless.

The film conveys that egoism, arrogance, attachment, you are big, I am big, poor, rich, strong, simple, good and bad do not succumb to the wrath of nature, only humanity is stable.

The film was produced by

Venu Kunnappilly

CK Padma Kumar, Ando

Music arranged by Nobin Paul, William Thomas

Akhil George who did the cinematography should be appreciated by all. Director Jude Antony Joseph, who united all of them and managed to achieve a challenging film, can be honored with a garland.

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