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Time to celebrate

Kreshna starrer Pandigai is all about action. Directed by Feroze, the movie stars Anandhi opposite Kreshna. Nitin Satyaa plays a key role. Paruthiveeran fame Saravanan is also in the cast.

It is an action thriller with an unique script with an unexplored background. Nitin Satyaa plays a different character and he has nailed it. To be released in Tamil Nadu by Auraa Cinemas, RH Vikram of Rangoon fame has composed music for Pandigai.
Velu (Kreshna) works in a star hotel. He wants to lead a happy life and respectable life.

Enters Muni (Saravanan) a gambler, who loses all his wealth in betting and his own wife dumps him. Impressed by Velu’s fighting skills, Muni offers him a chance to make big money by participating in an illegal underground fighting competition run by Natwar
Dada (Madhoo Soodhanan). Velu wins the first match but the good samaritan inside him wakes up and he gives the winning money to a poor needy girl. As a team, Velu and Muni decide to compete in several fights for steady income. What happens then in their lives forms the crux.

Kreshna is energy bound and plays his part well. feroze makes it worthy with his screenplay. Anandhi is there to ooze glamour.

All said, Pndigai is festival of entertainment.