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 The unveiling director Lenin Bharathi’s “Merku Thodarchi Malai”, which is a simple -minded concept that he had been understood how to get the attention from the audience, Lenin focuses on eccentrics to prove how they have been formulated in the place of western ghats. The landless of energetic people who attempt to achieve something for their survival in the hilly region is projected in each frame. 

The quality of being mere was formed in all the sequels is a basic technique which holds throughout the film. Actually, to be observed that there is no such commercial-grade of aspects to critics the negative impact. The team delivered the true consequences happened, in a casual frames. 

Director Lenin Bharathi’s Merku Thodarchi Malai transports you to the foothills of the western ghats, where simple, hardworking rural folk from Tamil Nadu make their way to the top of the towering mountains every single day to work in the cardamom estates on the Kerala side of the border.

While all the women and some men work in the estates, picking cardamom, most men are assigned the excruciatingly painful and demanding exercise of carrying back the sacks of collected cardamom on their heads, through the narrow winding paths of the majestic mountains.

Braving wild animals, the men make the arduous journey, negotiating their way down the treacherous pathways even as they carry the heavy sacks of cardamom on their heads for a pittance.


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