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Tigress Thumbaa might have been the uninvited guest to Anirudh’s studio (The promotional video), but now every kid and family is curiously awaiting their journey into its Kingdom. Thumbaa has become the most favorite and looked forward film of this season. The team is now super exhilarated over the completion of the film’s shoot in a short span of time. 

While the producers are completely delighted over the project being  wrapped up on time, they say, “Its coincidental that both of us producers have shared mutual interest of  always admiring and enjoy  watching films based on travel and adventure, especially the ones that are revolving around forest backdrops. When filmmaker Harish Ram LH narrated us the story, we enjoyed each and every bit of it, but when we happened to see the rushes, we realized how tough it would have been for the entire team to shoot across those thick forests. There have been few places, which were extremely difficult to shoot  and somehow, the team has managed to get things accomplished. We have shot the film across Vagamon, Idukki, Palakad, Chennai & Kumili and we are sure the  audience will not just have fun and enjoyable moments in theaters, but also witness the breathtaking visuals of  those beautiful landscapes too.”
Thumbaa has instantaneously seen great reception with its curtain raiser video featuring music director Anirudh and tigress Thumbaa. While Anirudh Ravichander has composed music for the song ‘Pudhusaatam’ which has crossed 1 million views on YouTube &  the other tracks will be created by the duo Vivek-Mervin & Santhosh Dhayanidhi. 

Featuring Darshan, Keerthi Pandian and Dheena in lead roles, tigress Thumbaa who has already become the pal of kids will be seen in a major role too. Naresh Elan (Cinematography), Kalaivanan (Editing), Action 100 (Stunts), Ram Raghav-A R Prabagaran (Dialogues), Vasuki Bhaskar-Pallavi Singh (Costumes). 
Surekha Nyapati is producing this film for Regal Reels (OPC) Private Limited in association with Roll Time Studios LLP and KJR Studios Kotapadi J Rajesh has acquired the worldwide release rights.

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சூப்பர்ஸ்டார் ரஜினிகாந்த், ஏ.ஆர்.முருகதாஸ், நயன்தாரா, அனிருத், லைகா பிரம்மாண்ட கூட்டணியில் “தர்பார்”

இயக்குனர் ஏ.ஆர் முருகதாஸ்  இயக்கும் புதிய படத்தில் சூப்பர்ஸ்டார் ரஜினிகாந்த் நடிக்கிறார். இதற்கு “தர்பார்” என பெயர் வைத்துள்ளனர். சூப்பர்ஸ்டார் ரஜினிகாந்த் – ஏ.ஆர். முருகதாஸ் கூட்டணி முதன்முதலாக இணையும் படம் இது. இந்த “தர்பார்“ படம் சூப்பர்ஸ்டார் ரஜினிகாந்த் நடிக்கும்  167 வது படம்என்பது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.

 ‘2.0’  எனும் பிரமாண்ட படத்தை தயாரித்த  தயாரிப்பு நிறுவனமான  லைகா ப்ரொடக்௸ன்ஸ்  இப்படத்தை தயாரிக்கிறது. 2.0  படத்திற்கு  பிறகு  சூப்பர்ஸ்டார்  ரஜினியோடு  லைகா  நிறுவனம்  இணையும்  இரண்டாவது படம் இது.

பல வெற்றி படங்களை கொடுத்து லேடி சூப்பர்ஸ்டார் என்று அழைக்கபடும்  நயன்தாரா நடிக்கும்  புதிய படம்  இது . சூப்பர்ஸ்டார் ரஜினிகாந்த் அவர்களோடு நயன்தாரா மூன்று  படங்களில் நடித்து   11 வருடங்களுக்கு பிறகு  மீண்டும் இந்த படத்தில் இணைந்துள்ளார். கோ கோ படத்தை அடுத்து நயன்தாரா லைகா  நிறுவனம் இணையும் இரண்டாவது படம் இது . 

மேலும் இப்படத்தில் அனி௫த் இசையமைக்கிறார். சூப்பர்ஸ்டார் ரஜினிகாந்துடன் அனி௫த் இரண்டாவது முறையாக கூட்டணி சேர்ந்துள்ளார். தளபதி விஜய் நடித்து  ஏ.ஆர். முருகதாஸ் இயக்கி  லைகா  புரொடக்௸ன்ஸ் தயாரித்த கத்தி படத்திற்கு பிறகு ஏ.ஆர். முருகதாஸுடன் அனி௫த்  இரண்டாவது முறையாக இணைத்துள்ளார்.

இப்படத்திற்கு  சந்தோஷ் சிவன் ஒளிப்பதிவு செய்கிறார். இவர் 28 ஆண்டுகளுக்கு பிறகு  சூப்பர்ஸ்டார் ரஜினிகாந்த்துடன் இணைகிறார். நீண்ட இடைவெளிக்கு பிறகு “தர்பார்” படத்தில் சேர்ந்து பணியாற்றுவது  இரண்டாவது முறையாகும். அதே போல் ஏ.ஆர் முருகதாஸுடன் இரண்டு படங்களில்  கூட்டணி அமைத்த சந்தோஷ் சிவன் மூன்றாவது முறையாக ஏ.ஆர். முருகதாஸ் அவர்களுடன் இப்போது இணைத்துள்ளார்.

 “தர்பார்” படத்தின் படப்பிடிப்பு மும்பையில் நாளை தொடங்கி தொடர்ந்து நடக்க உள்ளது. வருகிற ஜனவரி மாதம் பொங்கல் விருந்தாக  திரைக்கு வருகிறது .

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Star signs remain as an inseparable factor in every individual’s life. Be it a belief or merely a fun, everyone wants to know how special the days, weeks or the years are going to be for them through astrology. In specification, amongst all the star signs that we come across in Tamil, ‘Dhanusu Rasi’ has something unique and instantly attracts everyone. Based on such familiarity, here comes a film titled ‘Dhanusu Rasi Neyargalae’ that features Harish Kalyan in lead role, directed by Sanjay Bharathi. 
Elaborating about the significance of title and the film’s premise, director Sanjay Bharathi says, “It’s true that everyone among us would have a desire to foresee how their days are going to be based on their star signs. They either flip through the newspapers or switch on TVs by morning out of curiosity. Be it a believer or atheist, they strongly have a belief or just try it out for fun.  The reason behind titling the film as ‘Dhanusu Rasi Neyargalae’ is because it pulls in more attention when compared to other star signs. In addition, the protagonist in our film, played by Harish Kalyan belongs to this particular star sign. The pictorial representation of this star has a man with bow and arrow, which signifies the ambitious drive. Similarly, the hero in our film has an aim to strike and what happens in his life is unfolded through the series of events. More than having Harish Kalyan onboard for our film, I am so much happy to see him choose scripts based on diversified themes. While his previous films based on light-hearted Rom-Com and intense love story has carved him a niche, he could have easily attempted to encash with similar strokes, but chose this one as he wanted to give a try on different genres. Ghibran sir will be composing music for our film and rest of our cast and crew will be announced shortly.There are two heroines in this film and we are in the process of finalising them shortly . I am thankful to producer Sree Gokulam Gopalan sir of Sree Gokulam Movies for strongly believing in my script and helping to materialize it.”

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Shoot commences tomorrow for #Suriya38 directed by Sudha Kongara. The pooja was held today for the film produced by Suriya’s 2D entertainment, co produced by Rajsekar Karpoorasundarapandian In association with the Oscar winning , Guneet Monga of Sikhya entertainment . The female lead is played by Aparna Balamurali and the rest of the cast comprises of extraordinary performers from across the country . The music for the film is scored by GV prakash , cinematography by niketh bommireddy , production design by Jacki , editing by satish surya and costumes by Poornima Ramaswamy. Pro : Johnson 

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She says she is always choosy about her roles and scripts that would create a impact on audience n her main focus is to get applauds from public view which gives her satisfaction of portraying roles in screen. 
She is all set for the release of her third flick “Bodhai yeri budhi maari” , directed by chandru, where she claims to have done an interesting role and a very critical scenario that exists among newgen teens and the consequences are really palpable and this would throw light on youngsters. 
She became this 5feet 8inches tall, dusky, talented, supermodel-in-demand overnight, who became the first Chennai sassy girl to bag the miss south India title 2016, in 15yrs pageant history . 
The biotechnologist turned supermodel who has showstopper for various national designers, says being a ‘supermodel’ is more than what she could have asked for. She made it big in a short span of time sans any godfather in the industry, more than 4yrs in fashion and still being the top. 
Meera who owes her successful stint in showbiz to her sharp features, says being dusky was one of the reasons tat made her climb the ladder with ease and ticket to Kollywood films.  
She was impressive as a north madras girl, critically acclaimed film 8thottakal in grey shades, bagged her lot of awards at best debut actress and ready recognized as a challenging performer of any role. 
Soon she was found in her second flick famous actor suriya starrer, thaana serndha kootam directed by Vignesh shivan and added more fame and now she is busy with handful of projects in Kollywood, her next release gonna be a thriller “Bodhai yeri Budhi Maari” and busy with showstopping for international fashion weeks.

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Exhibiting her endowment of talents through modeling and acting across a year, Shirin Kanchwala has played the female lead role opposite Rio Raj in Sivakarthikeyan Productions’ ‘Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja’. With the film’s patch up works and post-production happening simultaneously, the actress has been over delighted about the great experience of working with this team. 
Actress Shirin Kanchwala opens up saying, “I was working as an air hostess with Jet Airways for nearly 3 years. I am feeling really lucky that I got an opportunity to be associated with Sivakarthikeyan Productions. I am thankful to both Sivakarthikeyan sir and Karthik Venugopalan sir for giving me the chance to be a part of this film. The entire unit was so friendly to me and I could relish the joy of each and every moment in this film. It wasn’t just about Sivakarthikeyan-Karthik Venugopalan, but every artiste and technician in the film was really helpful and supportive to me. Rio Raj has given a remarkable performance and his acting skills are completely splendid. I have seen his TV shows and to see him perform here is absolutely fantastic for he accomplished even some tough scenes in single takes. It’s my first Tamil movie and so much focused on working on many projects that are script driven.” 
While Rio Raj and Shirin Kanchwala are playing the lead roles in this film, the star-cast of Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja features Radharavi, Nanjil Sampath, RJ Vigneshkanth and few more familiar YouTube personalities in important roles. 
The technical team comprises of Shabir (Music), U.K. Senthil Kumar (Cinematography), Fenny Oliver (Editor), Pradeep Kumar (Stunts), Dinesh (Costume Designer) and Kamalanathan (Art). 
While 80% of the film will be a fun-filled comedy caper, it holds a strong message by the end, which the team believes will appeal to the universal audiences.

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Things are turning to be a much appealing moment for the entire team of Yogi Babu starrer ‘Dharma Prabhu’. From the time, the film went on floors with official announcement; there have been more impressive things about it. While the shooting of this film has happened in grand sets of Yamalokam in Chennai followed by some exotic locations in Tamil Nadu, the release plans are happening on full swing. 

At this time, the Dharma Prabhu teaser was released recently and within a short time has scaled 1 Million views in YouTube. This has turned the entire team into happiest mode. 

Yogi Babu, Radharavi, Ramesh Thilak, Janani Iyer, Shaam Sujith, Manobala, Mottai Rajendran, Meghna Naidu, Rekha, Bose Venkat, Azhagam Perumal, Saravana Sakthi, Bosky and Sindhu are playing the major roles in this film. 

Mahesh Muthuswamy is taking care of cinematography with Justin Prabhakaran as the music director and Yugabharathi penning lyrics. San Lokesh (Editor) and Balachandar (Art) are the other technicians. Raja Senthil is the Production Executive of this film, which is produced by P. Ranganathan of Sri Vaari Films and directed by Muthu Kumaran.

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லேடி கெட்டப்பில் யோகிபாபுஇயக்குநர் புலன் நல்லன் இயக்கத்தில் “ஸோம்பி” என்னும் திரைப்படம் உருவாகி வருகிறது. இத்திரைப்படத்தில் யோகிபாபு, யாஷிகா ஆனந்த், மனோபாலா, ராமர், லொள்ளு சபா மனோகர், மெட்ராஸ் செண்டரல் புகழ் கோபி மற்றும் சுதாகர் உள்ளிட்டோர் நடித்து வருகின்றனர்.  இந்நிலையில்,ஸோம்பி” படப்பிடிப்பு தளத்தில் எடுக்கப்பட்ட புகைப்படத்தை  சமூக வலைதளத்தில் பகிர்ந்துள்ளார் யோகிபாபு. இந்த புகைப்படத்தில் யோகி பாபு  பெண்கள் அணியும் ‘பாவாடை சட்டை அணிந்து’ போஸ் கொடுத்திருக்கிறார்.

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சமந்தா நடிப்பில் யு டர்ன், நடிகையர் திலகம், இரும்புத்திரை, சீமராஜா, சூப்பர் டீலக்ஸ் படங்கள் திரைக்கு வந்துள்ளன‌.  தொடர்ந்து சமந்தா தனது கணவர் நாகசைதன்யாவுக்கு  ஜோடியாக நடித்துள்ள படம் ரிலீஸாக உள்ளது.  மேலும், சூப்பர் டீலக்ஸ் படத்தில் சமந்தாவின்  துணிச்சலான நடிப்பிற்கு  பாராட்டு பெற்று வந்தார்.  இந்நிலையில் சமந்தா தனது சம்பளத்தை 2 கோடியிலிருந்து 3 கோடி ரூபாயாக உயர்த்தியுள்ளார்.இதனிடையே, சமந்தா தனது கணவர் நாகசைதன்யாவுக்கு  ஜோடியாக நடித்துள்ள ‘மஜ்லி’ தெலுங்கு திரைப்படம் ஏப்ரல் 5ம் தேதி திரைக்கு வர உள்ளதை தொடர்ந்து, சமந்தாவும், நாகசைதன்யாவும்  திருப்பதி கோவிலுக்கு சென்றுள்ளனர்.

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Having impressed the universal audiences for her girl-to-next-door and stylish roles, Amala Paul is all set to keep herself imbibed with unconventional attempts now. The actress would be seen playing Dr. Badra, a forensic pathologist in her upcoming film CADAVER. 
“As an artiste, I have spent a decade experimenting with voguish and commercial roles. Now, I believe that i have much more clarity in choosing roles that elevate me as an actor. I enjoy belonging to different characters, as this has become my greatest motivation to as an actor. With such a decision made, following my movies ‘Adho Andha Paravai poley’ and ‘Aadai’ the premise and narration on CADAVER strongly impressed me where it involved lot of fresh and new things that I hadn’t heard or witnessed before. I will be playing the role of a forensic pathologist in this film and it demanded for me one tough preparation as it wasn’t something off routine investigators we’ve seen in movies. It earnestly required preparing with lots of knowledge about it. The film is based on the book ‘Oru Police Surgeonate Ormakurippukal, which is authored by Kerala’s most celebrated forensic surgeon, Dr. Umadathan. Apart from reading his book that gave me lots of inspirations and preparations, I happened to spend couple of days travelling with a forensic surgeon to know more insight upon this profession.” 
On speaking about turning into a co producer for this film Amala  says, “This is a film that cannot be shot at a shoestring budget for it involves lots of factors. I felt it is my priority to support this film behind just an artiste. I wanted to support  my producers Pradeep kumar and Ajay Panicker who were as passionate as iam about the script and the film. I am thankful to them for accommodating me as a co producer. We share common vision and our intentions are clear. We are determined to make more films that spell out quality in content and making. Filmmaker Anoop Panicker and script writer Abhilash Pillai have done a noteworthy work on script and I am sure, their well prepared attempt will help us wrap up the shoot on time as we’re going for full swing continuous work. It indeed gives immense pride to declare our maiden production that i am sure will reserve a place in the box office records.I am greatful to Pradeep Kumar of White screen Media and.Mr Ajay Panicker of AJ fiilms  for producing this film and providing me a huge platform to excel ” declared Amala Paul with confidence .  
Actress Amala Paul winds up saying that she will be seen in a new look, which she believes audiences will be surprised at. 
The star-cast comprises of Athulya, Harish Uthaman, Ramesh Khanna Vinodh Inbaraj ( Raatsan movie fame ) and  many more familiar actors. Jakes Bejoy of Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru  is composing music for this film with Demonte Colony fame Aravinnd Singh handling cinematography,San Lokesh on editing (Raatsasanfame) Action stunts by Vikky ( Raatsasan & Uriyadi) and Rahul karuppiah  handles the Art deptartment .